#003 | ‘The Letters from No One’ | TPS Overview (3)

Episode Summary

Blake and Josh continue their discussion of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. They examine the themes, characters, foreshadowing and more of Chapter 3: The Letters from No One.

Episode Outline

  1. Chapter Summary
  2. Key Theme–  Us vs. Them mentality
  3. Character Development– The Dursleys utter rejection of the magical world
  4. World Building– Hogwarts, Wizard Post, Owls, Smeltings, and Stonewall High.
  5. Literary Device– Suspense: what does the letter say? Who wrote it? Will Harry be able to read it?
  6. Foreshadowing– The resilience of Harry Potter
  7. Significance– The Dursleys have been keeping things from Harry

Extra Links:

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