#052 | ‘Cat, Rat and Dog’ | PoA Overview (17)

Episode Summary

Blake and Josh begin their discussion of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. They examine the themes, characters, foreshadowing and more of Chapter 17: Cat, Rat and Dog.

Episode Outline

  1. Chapter Summary
  2. Key Theme– Betrayal & Devotion
  3. Character Development–  Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, & Crookshanks
  4. Worldbuilding– 
  5. Literary Device– Misdirection & Plot Twists
  6. Significance– Black the Animagus & Remus the Werewolf

Extra Links:

Werewolves: https://www.wizardingworld.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/werewolves

Marauders’ Map: https://www.wizardingworld.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/the-marauders-map

Crookshanks Musings: https://www.wizardingworld.com/features/33-thoughts-crookshanks-must-have-had-during-prisoner-of-azkaban

Kneazles: https://www.wizardingworld.com/features/a-guide-to-the-magical-creatures-not-to-be-confused-with-muggle-ones