#066 | ‘The Dark Mark’ | GoF Overview (9)

Episode Summary

Blake and Josh begin their discussion of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. They examine the themes, characters, foreshadowing and more of Chapter 9: The Dark Mark.

Episode Outline

  1. Chapter Summary
  2. Key Theme– Prejudice
  3. Character Development– Death-Eaters, Ludo Bagman
  4. World Building– Dark Mark, Spells (Morsmordre, Prior Incantato), Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
  5. Foreshadowing– Winky can’t run because Barty Crouch Jr is magically tied to her. Barty Crouch Sr is the one to go explore further in the forest
  6. Significance– Attack on Muggles raises the stakes of life and death