There's a lot of magic that goes into making a Harry Potter podcast.

Currently, the focus of our show is going chapter by chapter through the famous Harry Potter books looking at the plot. The show is split up into segments: Chapter Summary, Key Theme, Character Development, World Building, Literary Device, Foreshadowing, and Significance.

Sizes of segments may not be 100% accurate of all episodes. We reserve the right to go down any rabbit trail we choose to.


1. Introduction

We always start off by introducing know, just in case you forget who we are and what we're doing. It's a great way ease on into things and provide the opportunity to instantly get side-tracked.

2. Chapter Summary

Are you not able to read the chapters along with us? That's totally fine, each episode Josh gives a succinct summary to help you understand what's happened and to give you a foundation for what we discuss.

3. Key Theme

With each chapter comes a new theme that can gives us an insight into what is running the chapter or what's behind the actions of the characters.

4. Character Development

This is one of our big segments, we talk a lot about characters as they are so important to the story. How they grow and develop, their short-falls and their strengths.

5. World Building

Our second big segment focuses on the wonderful world that J.K. Rowling created. From books to magical beasts, from languages to locations. There's a lot that we have to talk about.

6. Literary Devices

Now English may not be everyone's strong suit but it is Josh's. Ever heard of Chekhov's gun, a MacGuffin, what about Allegory? You may think they don't matter but it's worth looking at the story through the lens of literary devices.

7. Foreshadowing

This is one of our big segments, we talk a lot about characters as they are so important to the story.

8. Significance

What are the biggest takeaways from the chapter? What is the main thing that will apply to the greater story.

9. Outro

It's sad to say goodbye so we try just to bite the bullet and wrap it up quickly. If you are feeling withdrawals you won't have long to wait as episodes get released weekly.