BONUS EPISODE | ‘Harry Potter TV Series, Blake’s Character Picks’

Episode Summary

This week Blake talks about the Harry Potter TV show that HBO is planning to create. What are Blake’s character picks for some of the popular roles? Listen in and see if you agree with some of these big and lesser-known names.

Potential Actors and Actresses

  • Hermione Granger-Mckenna Grace
  • Ron Weasley – Roman Griffin Davis (Jojo Rabbit)
  • Draco Malfoy – Iain Armitage (Sheldon)
  • Dumbledore – Christian Bale or Colin Firth
  • McGonagall – Helen Mirren or Emma Thompson
  • Hagrid – Nick Frost
  • Snape – Adam Driver
  • Voldemort – Bill Skarsgård or Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Other Actors, I’d love to see:
    • Tom Hiddleston
    • David Tennant

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