BONUS EPISODE | ‘Harry Potter vs Artificial Intelligence…Part 2’

Episode Summary

Blake takes to A.I (Artificial Intelligence) again to see how it answers some more of the most random of questions about Harry Potter and the Wizarding world.


  1. If Hogwarts hosted a talent show, what unique talent would each of the main characters showcase?
  2. If the Sorting Hat were to sort famous historical figures into Hogwarts houses, where would they go?
  3. What are 5 new ‘Skiving Snackbox’ flavours and effects could the Weasley Twins try next?
  4. If the Marauder’s Map could reveal one secret about Hogwarts that nobody knows, what would it be?
  5. If Harry Potter characters were to form a rock band, who would play which instruments and what would their band name be?
  6. If Hogwarts offered a class on magical cuisine and cooking, what dishes and recipes might be taught, and which characters would be the top chefs of that dish?

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