BONUS EPISODE | ‘Would You Rather…Part 1’

Episode Summary

Blake and Josh go through a range of would you rather questions with a Harry Potter twist. Listen as they may or may not choose what side you’d be on the question. Who’s right and who’s wrong…

Episode Outline

Questions come from

  1. Would You Rather Questions
    1. Would you rather eat a Bertie Bott’s every flavour Vomit bean or an Earwax flavour bean?
    2. Would you rather fight with a three-headed dog or a Hungarian Horntail dragon?
    3. Would you rather have Ron or Hermione as a friend?
    4. Would you rather have the Elder wand or Invisibility cloak?
    5. Would you rather be a pro at Transfiguration or Apparition?
    6. Would you rather spend an afternoon with Moaning Myrtle or with Crabbe & Goyle?
    7. Would you rather have your future told by Professor Trelawney or be able to see your past in Dumbledore’s Pensieve?
    8. Would you rather face detention with Filch or Umbridge?
    9. Would you rather have Malfoy or Neville as a partner in potions?
    10. Would you rather eat a Vomit flavour Bertie Bott’s every flavour bean or get a howler, from your family, in the great hall?