BONUS EPISODE | ‘Would You Rather…Part 3’

Episode Summary

Blake and Josh go through a range of would you rather questions again for a third time! All with a Harry Potter twist. Listen as they may or may not choose what side you’d be on the question. Who’s right and who’s wrong…

Episode Outline

Questions come from

Would You Rather Questions:

  1. Would you rather spend Christmas at the Burrow or at Hogwarts?
  2. Would you rather spend a day in detention with Snape or at the Dursley’s? 
  3. Would you rather study at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic or the Durmstrang Institute?
  4. Would you rather spend a day at Hogsmeade village or Diagon Alley?
  5. Would you rather help Hagrid take care of the three-headed dog, Fluffy or the giant arachnid, Aragog?
  6. Would you rather speak parseltongue or have a mad-eye like Moody?
  7. Would you rather spend an afternoon with moaning Myrtle or with Crabbe & Goyle?
  8. Would you rather fly high in the sky on a broom or swim to the deep using gillyweed?